Central de Abasto(s) Market @ Oaxaca 02.2011

As part of Responsible Tourism Week we are supporting local markets and good food around the world! ‘Come hungry!’ is the event’s tagline.

English: Come hungry!
Spanish: ¡Ven con hambre!
Swedish: Kom hungrig!
Estonian: Ole näljane!
Afrikaans: Kom honger!
German: Kommt hungrig!
French: Gardez votre apetit!

In this video recorded Feb 2011 I am at Oaxaca City’s Central de Abasto(s) Market as part of a weekly shopping trip for the Comala Restaurant. BTW, Carlos is cooking tuna fish today … While at the market Miguel and I headed straight to the lady from Taqueria Juquilita who makes the finest tacos de barbacoa. We might come hungry to the market (or to responsible tourism) but we are fools if we do not leave sated.

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Show us your videos of local food and responsible travel!

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