Responsible Tourism Week: February 14

Responsible Tourism Week has begun! For updates keep track on the Planeta Wiki

Financial contributions are welcome via ChipIn

How to participate: Be Engaged

We recommend printing and sharing the poster
Free Poster! 2011 Responsible Tourism Week

Watch, comment, favorite the Intro to RT Week Video

We also recommend viewing the plethora of posts on Twitter:
Visible Tweets

Regular tweets

How to participate: Be Creative

Add your own photos to Flickr —
Introduce yourself on our Facebook Event —
Tweet with the hashtag #rtweek2011 —

How to participate: Be Generous
Add a comment or a thumbs up to our YouTube playlist —
Have a heart and favorite the Slideshow presentation —

Add a star to Flickr photos —

Extra Credit

Review how to use the Web 2.0 tools video from the Estonia Ecotourism Conference

Tomorrow: Highlights from Day #1!

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