Conversation with Harold Goodwin

The latest in a series of conversations archived on YouTube: presenting a January 2011 chat with Harold Goodwin of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism about the upcoming Responsible Tourism Conference in Canada and the online Responsible Tourism Week.

Among the topics for discussion: whether the world needs a set of global criteria for sustainable tourism and whether a ‘common language’ is indeed possible in responsible travel.

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1 Response to Conversation with Harold Goodwin

  1. Greg says:

    Hello Ron,

    Nice interview with Harold Goodwin.

    I agree that a common language is difficult and might set back any positive movement by getting caught up in linguistics.

    Definitions are important when using words, but ultimately actions are more important and are expressed by different people in different cultures in a different manner in accordance with traditions and education and the very language used to express abstractions or symbols. Latin-based languages and Eastern languages likely have very different ways of expressing the same ideas, especially when you throw in history and religion.

    If you are seeking a universal language, music and art in general might be a better candidates.

    Nevertheless, I do not oppose seeking some basic terms to accelerate and clarify discussion, but knowing how many terms to use is the issue. Academia–especially the “Deconstruction Movement” which was developed on the left bank in Paris–demonstrate the dangers of falling in love with language and semiotics in my opinion.

    I know, I studied under Derrida, Foucault, etc. and listened to thousands of words which ultimately said little more than the authors they had read had written hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

    I think responsible travel / tourism are basic human concepts in many ways and are understood in most cultures–the Golden and/or “Platinum” rules.

    I never felt by many bourgeois academics to teach communities Marxism!

    Just my opinion.

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