Macquarie WOTY

The annual Macquarie Word of the Year 2010 competition has arrived so it’s time to get voting for the words you like best: fire sculpture, cargo bike, low hanging fruit, email fatigue, black swan event, screwage, vuvuzela, acoustic ecology, freemium and precycle.

The winning words are announced early in February.


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Macquarie Dictionary

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1 Response to Macquarie WOTY

  1. ronmader says:

    The Committee’s choice of Word of the Year 2010 is:

    googleganger – a person with the same name as oneself, whose online references are mixed with one’s own among search results for one’s name.

    The Committee would like to give honourable mention to:

    vuvuzela – a plastic horn, up to one metre in length, which emits a loud buzzing sound; commonly played in South Africa by fans at soccer games.

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