2011 Responsible Tourism Week

We have dates for Responsible Tourism Week 2011. We are holding our unconventional, online unconference Feb 14-18. Let me know if you’d like to participate and if you have any suggestions.

be inspiring (#rtweek2011)

Responsible Tourism Week is a wonderful mash-up connecting responsible tourism, the local travel movement, evolving ecotourism and the like with practical and inexpensive Web 2.0 technologies. Take a peak at what we accomplished this year:

Simply put, this online unconference is an excellent way to broaden and deepen our dialogue about sustainable practice, ecotourism, responsible travel and the like. It encourages participants to articulate their core values and the way they put noble ideas into practice. And for those who can keep track of a hashtag, it’s a new window to the world!

We are seeking partners and financial sponsors.

How to participate? You can start now by documenting the stories you’d like to share. In particular we will highlight photos on Flickr, tweets on Twitter, videos on YouTube and recommended blogs and wikis. This year we will start to feature tours using Gowalla and Foursquare. Check out the toolbox! Of special interest in 2011 will be the role of responsible tourism in forests and cities. Be inspiring and be inspired. Join us!

Kind regards, Ron Mader

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