Live streaming = Transferring data such that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream
Future Tense

Kudos to the organizers of yesterday’s Fringe networking meeting, some of which was webcast in real-time from London.

Buzzword Bingo: Live Streaming (is a no brainer)
Watch live video from rtfringe on

Much of this video is background murmur, but it portends greater application in the near future, particularly if we want to foster new school rather than old school events. Tourism ought to be leading the way. Great examples were the recent Swedish Tourism Awards and the European Ecotourism Conference.

Tips on live streaming
1) Test out the service first
2) Get a microphone if you want viewers to hear people who are more than 3 feet from the computer
3) Announce a twitter hashtag to be used in tandem with the live streaming

For those interested in more engaging events, check out ABC Radio’s The Future of Conferences and’s guide to Green Events which for many years has espoused parallel conferencing: “Please, no more closed door meetings that do not include an opportunity for a virtual dialogue among interested parties before, during and after the event. Interested constituencies without the money or time to attend in person should have the opportunity to participate.”

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