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EuropeCall for photos – – the world’s first ecotourism website based in the USA – is participating in the European Ecotourism Conference — — in Pärnu, Estonia (September 27-30).

During the conference Founder Ron Mader will be giving a presentation on Web 2.0 in tourism and as part of the presentation has issued a call for photos of ecotourism and responsible travel in Europe.

“We would like to see photos of national parks, city parks, recycling, environmental education, good signage, local wildlife and quality guiding in Europe,” said Ron Mader. “Ecotourism Europe is a great ‘show and tell’ that connects visitors and locals.”

The Ecotourism Europe photography group — — is hosted on the popular user-generated website Flickr. As of September 18, group has 41 members and 247 items. The photography group is co-moderated by Aivar Ruukel, organizer of the European Ecotourism Conference.

“We would like to see a doubling of members and photos in this group over the next month,” Mader said. “But more important than sheer quantity is the depth and breadth that the photos convey. We’d like to see outdoor recreation, environmental education and responsible travel in practice. Locals and visitors are invited to share their experiences and we will be adding photos from conference excursions during the ecotourism conference.”


Eco Travels in Europe

Europe – Planeta Wikispace

Ecotourism Europe Overview

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2 Responses to ecotourism europe

  1. Barry Murphy says:

    Hi Ron,
    You are welcome to use any of my photos already up on the flickr website.
    In particular, I think the fox and sheep pic I am e-mailing you tells a good story about nature and sustainability.
    Barry Murphy
    Tourism Pure walking holidays

  2. ronmader says:

    Many thanks, Barry! I’ll request a few pics and you can add you like directly to the group —

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