Next stop: Portland, Oregon!

Travel Oregon

Today I am currently traveling to the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (September 8-11) which promises to bring together more than 500 business leaders, tourism professionals and community stakeholders in North America.

Among the tasks on my to do lists are presenting the winners of the 2010 Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award and leading Saturday’s Web 2.0 Workshop. The unexpected plus is that I am also receiving an award, TIES 2010 Innovation Award.

Logo: 2010 Innovation Award Winner: Ron Mader

Previewing the event, I am particularly looking forward to seeing the winners and finalists I have been coaching for the past year. We are all on the learning curve when it comes to using Web 2.0 and for the owners of indigenous tourism businesses, developing these skills have been a practical way to ‘level the playing field’ and get more exposure at a minimum cost.

Yesterday I was talking about the award with Pedro Martinez, the owner of a biking company in Oaxaca. He’s pulled in the assistance of his nephews who are much more comfortable with YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. I see this over and over — how the Web 2.0 revolution has the potential for linking generations. Could this be the long-awaited tipping point in which Web-based communication is not simply entertainment, nor good business promotion but a way to strengthen family ties? I can’t wait to talk to friends face to face (kanohi ki te kanohi).

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2 Responses to portland

  1. Congratulations on an award which recognizes your tireless work for a worthy cause you believe in from the core of your being. Your linkage of Web 2.0 technologies to indigenous tourism and your tireless exploration of the possibilities is inspiring. I am sure that my father, who many times told me how happy he was to work with you (as am I), would have been amongst the first to congratulate and encourage you.

  2. Aivar Ruukel says:

    Palju õnne Ron! You desereve it!

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