monthly moment

Every month around 7pm photographers around the world click a photo and upload the picture to the Flickr Group called a Monthly Moment.

Flickr- A Monthly Moment In Time - On WEDNESDAY!!! (20100830)

Globalize yourself! This is a fun unconferency event. Created by pominoz the Monthly Moment group currently has 227 members. There is no cost to join the group. It simply requires membership on Flickr. Members can post one image each month.

Pom – aka John Valentine – says in his profile that he is semi-serious and semi-ridiculous when it comes to photography. “To me Flickr is about enjoying sharing photos, encouragement, laughter and friendship.”

Toward the goal of creating a virtual community, Pom launched this group a few months ago. He provides valuable coaching tips such as Plans for your shots and Set the TIME & DATE on your camera. Oops! I credit this group for making me make this simple yet helpful modification.

If you would like to see the arc of time in motion, check out the galleries from June and July and August 2010.

Thanks to this group I’m looking forward to the first of the month and I’ve already made plans to work with Aivar Ruukel in Estonia to cover the monthly moment from the Baltic nation as the European Ecotourism Conference will have just wrapped up. If you cannot join us in person, join us online!

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