maori language week

2010 Maori Language Week was a lot of fun!

Why? To appreciate a culture is to understand its food and its language. They are incredible portals toward understanding. That the Maori should choose ‘food’ as the topic of this year’s Maori Language Week gave me all the incentive I could want to pay attention to this wonderful culture.

Since my 2007 trip to New Zeland I have been listening to Te Ahi Kaa and this week I continued to listen to Radio New Zealand and a bit of Maori Television, blogged, tweeted and made a number of updates to the wiki, particularly the Maori language page.

Another 100 edits and it should really be good!

In my work in Mexico I have friends from various indigenous backgrounds. One of my favorite series of YouTube videos are the ‘how to’ conversations that introduce me (and others) to simple greetings in Ayuuk, Chinanteco, Mixteco and Zapoteco. When I show these friends the NZ rugby videos or get them to listen to the 100 Maori words, they become inspired themselves by what’s happening across the Pacific. Web 2.0 is just about to take off in the indigenous community as a means to appreciate and conserve traditional languages.

Maori Language Week officially ended on August 1st. Thanks to everyone who has organized this wonderful celebration. Our interest should continue to grow. If you’d like to nurture this effort, you are cordially invited to …

1) Fave or comment on this image

2) Suggest or make edits to the wiki:

3) Record your own conversations or create graphics using the Maori language.

Naku noa, Ron

PS) Could the powers that be at NZ History Net make the 365 more useful Māori words and phrases available as a downloadable MP3?

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