Patricia from UK-based Tourism Concern writes:

“We are working with a television production company, Betty TV, who are
commissioned to make a series of films for Channel 4 television here in the
UK. They have just decided on which destinations they will go to and Cancun
is one of them. They will be taking out a British family to stay in an all-inclusive. Then they’ll take the family to stay with a family working in the hotels to see what life is really like. ”

Bernie Kay from BettyTV writes:
“The six part series will explore the ways in which tourism affects the local culture, economy and environment of countries with a thriving tourist trade. In each programme we will take a group of British tourists to an all-inclusive resort where they will stay for the first few days of their holiday, before they are made to go and live and work with a local host family/workers who are reliant on the tourist industry for their livelihoods. We will place our contributors in the tourist jobs that the hosts do – e.g. waiters, tour guides, working in the laundry – so that they can see behind the scenes what is involved in making their luxury holiday so perfect. We also hope that the locals will show them another side to their country and culture that they wouldn’t see if they stayed holed up in their all-inclusive resort. Finally we’d like the British tourists to meet a few local people who have managed to set up initiatives to make money out tourism.”

If anyone can assist, please contact Tourism Concern or BettyTV directly. If anyone has suggestions, let us all know with a response to this blog. I’d also like to update the eco and social tips online’s Guide to Cancun.


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2 Responses to Cancun

  1. Sounds interesting. If they’d like to film anything outside of the resort (e.g. Mayan Ruins, Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, etc), keep us in mind!

  2. ronmader says:

    Apparently this is the result:

    Frankly, it looks awful. When will we get more authentic, less manipulative programs about travel?

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