Government websites that engage locals and visitors about ecotourism, responsible travel and the local travel movement are eligible to win’s annual Ecotourism Spotlight Award.

The winner is announced in celebration of World Tourism Day (September 27) to spotlight best practices from government institutions. Nominations are accepted June 10-July 30, 2010. Voting takes place in August 2010.

The Ecotourism Spotlight Award creates incentives for communication, opportunities for conversation and a reward for participation among government leaders. Nominees receive international exposure and winners claim bragging rights!

“Locals and visitors are seeking ways to interact via ecotourism experiences,” said founder Ron Mader. “The Ecotourism Spotlight Award nudges government leaders toward creative and innovative ways that engage locals and visitors and inspire us all.”

It takes some time for awards to be recognized among likely candidates and the interested public. Competition continues to grow as many government sites have spent considerable time and resources improving their online web presence.

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