Join us for Responsible Tourism Week (May 17-21). Every day this week we are compiling an index of key resources that come to our attention. Participating in RT Week is simple. Just post a message on Twitter and include the hashtag #rtweek2010

Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people’s work that you respect. Ideally it would be great to see you post at least one message a day on Twitter.



Summary – Today is the last day of RT Week, though we plan to continue exploring the ideas that have come to light this week. Kudos to Responsible Cape Town — http://www.responsiblecapetown.co.za — for adding the twitter feed to their website! Monday I’ll post a recap. Feel free to continue using the #rtweek2010 hashtag to identify pertinent features. Thanks again for your time and attention.

World Environment Day
world environment day

Aroha mai, aroha atu (love towards us, love going out from us)
Aroha mai, aroha atu = Love towards us, love going out from us = El amor que nos acerca, el amor que sale de nosotros

Estonia 2010
Estonia 2010

Flickr Groups
Si Mas Bicicletas (Yes more Bicycles)

Elsewhere on the Web
Responsible Cape Town
Fifa World Cup
World o’ Meters
Audio Guides
Cycling in London
Climate Change Tips

Trenz (New Zealand)
Oregon Ecotourism Conference (USA)
European Ecotourism Conference (Estonia)

Zip Trek New Zealand
Oaxaca Markets
South Africa: Conversations with Kurt Ackermann

Responsible Tourism Forum
Slow Travel: Conversation with Martin Hughes
Civic Tourism: Conversation with Dan Shilling

The Future of Dead Trees
Europe’s Wildlife, Biodiversity, Parks and Protected Areas
Who’s Who Working on Responsible Travel and Ecotourism in the United Kingdom

Twitter search #rtweek2010

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