Join us for Responsible Tourism Week (May 17-21). Every day this week we are compiling an index of key resources that come to our attention. Participating in RT Week is simple. Just post a message on Twitter and include the hashtag #rtweek2010

Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people’s work that you respect. Ideally it would be great to see you post at least one message a day on Twitter.



Summary – We are heading to the end of RT Week. Yesterday a record number of friends helped edit the Planeta Wiki and we had a growing number of tweets and retweets on Twitter! Thanks again to everyone for sharing news about responsible tourism where you live and pointing out the good work of others.

Is the local dialect in your place part of the tourism attraction?

If we really want to minimize the impacts of travel, shouldn’t we stop traveling?

We are powerful beyond measure
We are powerful beyond measure (2008)

Responsible Tourism Week
responsible tourism week begins may 17

Your visit honors us (Language lesson from the Ayuuk people)
your visit honors us


Academic Tours


Turismo Mosaico Mexico

Ecotourism Oceania

Ecotourism Africa

Re-Imagining North American Ecotourism

Pathfinder Lapland

City Bike Wien

Responsible Cape Town

Responsible Wine Tourism in South Africa

The Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct (“the Code”)

Good Travel is Thoughtful Travel – Rick Steves

Experience Los Cabos

Greeters de Brussels

RT Awards

Think about it

Culinary travels in Austria


Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award

Mexico City



Twitter search

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