Join us for Responsible Tourism Week (May 17-21). Every day this week we are compiling an index of key resources that come to our attention. Participating in RT Week is simple. Just post a message on Twitter and include the hashtag #rtweek2010

Share examples of responsible tourism that you have personally experienced. Be generous. Talk about other people’s work that you respect. Ideally it would be great to see you post at least one message a day on Twitter.


Summary – More than a dozen people were tweeting with the hashtag #rtweek2010. We had an excellent first day of info sharing. Today, Tuesday, May 18 is International Museum Day!

Storytelling Now (2010)
Storytelling Now Worksheet (2012)

Contando Historias Ya (2010)
Contando Historias Ya (2012)


Estonia on Google Earth
Estonia on Google Earth

Muestra de Café, Web 2.0 y Productos de Consumo Responsable,
semana de turismo responsable en oaxaca: xiguela

Xiguela, tienda de productos orgánicos


London Transport Museum

Museo Nacional de Arte, MUNAL

World Museums Gallery

Place-Making and Museums

World Museums

World Mountains

Regional Museums Award (Australia)

People and Places

The Travel Troubleshooter


Ecotourism promotes biodiversity

Postcards from Oaxaca

El Naranjo (Austin)

Oaxaca Options

Defending the tourists

Irresponsible tourism
This is a whistle blowing, campaigning and discussion forum for anyone who is concerned about irresponsible tourism and who wants to draw it to the attention of others and the media; or to discuss what can be done about it.
Use this site to criticize, debate and campaign. Exercise your responsibility, don’t just mutter – call people to account.

Responsible Tourism in the Caribbean

Craig Grimes y el turismo accesible

Accessible Travel




Lake Tahoe




Twitter search

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