Adios, Michael

I am a big fan of ABC Radio’s Bush Telegraph. The wonderful show explores rural Australia — the bush — in a way that illuminates the entire country. The program had ranked high on the Planeta Playlist.

Listening from the other side of the Pacific, I became a fan of the show as it brings into focus (and mind you, this is radio!), issues faced by rural communities and the visitors who love rural communities in the Land of Oz. Words I’d use to describe Bush Telegraph — stellar, awesome, down to Earth. I haven’t heard anything from the USA like this and in Mexico, nada.

On Friday’s show – right after the riveting segment differentiating tax questions — bread or crackers? — veteran host Michael Mackenzie said he was turning the show over to Michael Cathcart. Nothing against Michael, but I really like Michael.

Can the show survive without my listening as a Gringo from Mexico? While I am a believer in the long tail, I also strongly suspect I am not their target audience.

Adios, Michael #1! May you find another job that suits your needs and thank you so much for several years of must-listen radio (and gratefully podcasts for those of us not in your corner of the world).

Bush Telegraph (20100405)

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