Growers and Eaters

Hello, foodies!

Here’s an announcement courtesy of SLOW Food Australia — SLOW Food Melbourne, in association with Cultivating Community and Grow Lightly South Gippsland, invite you to attend the second Growers and Eaters’ forum to discuss the connection between farming and eating. Details

Kudos to Bush Telegraph for an informative Q&A with Robert Perkin, owner of Food Connect. Listen here

Among the great ideas – swap tables and practical advice if you find a grub in your apple.

For those on Twitter, check out

Growers and Eaters’ Forum

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2 Responses to Growers and Eaters

  1. Deb Bain says:

    This is a wonderful alliance that will help build another piece of the bridge over the rural-urban divide. For those who are keen to understand the bigger scale of Australian agriculture and how it contributes to feeding Australians and our global community check out which offers city families the opportunity to connect with, work with and learn from a farming family in the spirit of fun,friendship and understanding. The event takes place over the weekend of May 29/30 – so if you are a passionate farming family or keen city family have a look at the website and register to participate. Some of the best things in life happen around the kitchen table – and that is part of FarmDay!!

  2. ronmader says:

    Thanks, Deb. Your event sounds great! I’ll add a link on our wiki.

    If you take foodie photos at the event, please consider them uploading them to the Flickr Groups World Food and World Market.

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