Think about it

A few weeks ago Bill Hinchberger invited me to join him in a Q&A on Think about it, a European blogging competition.

Twitter hashtag #think3 developed by the European Journalism Centre. The objective in TH!NK3 is to write and report about global cooperation and sustainable development in the lead up to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals Review Summit in September 2010.

Among the questions Bill asked:

The new definition of development is
As part of the development agenda, tourism is
Continued or increased dependence on the automobile will lead to
The population explosion will lead to
The most likely millennium development goal to be achieved is
The most glaring thing missing from the development agenda is
My favorite development success story is

These are wonderful questions that probe the depths of sustainable practices.

In the old Web 1.0 world the feature would be static. I have answered the questions. Period. Next project. In the Web 2.0 world of blogs and interactive conversation, we pay attention to the comments. Agree with me, disagree with me, but if you want to have your say, here’s your chance!

Screen shot 2010-03-29 at 5.04.04 PM

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2 Responses to Think about it

  1. Ron, you are 2.0 squared. One of my problems with the EJC thing is that the conversation has been too insular, with comments only from participations. Hundreds of people are looking at the posts, but only EJC project people comment. I would love to see your readers Fill in the Development Blanks.

    Open invitation. Come on, folks!

  2. “participants” of course, not “participations”

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