In a globalized world we are also more hyperlocal than ever. We crave the carrotmobs and cater to a growing wave couchsurfers. Locals are using Flickr to show off neighborhood events and visitors are seeking out what makes places unique.

Planeta.com is a proud partner of the Local Travel Movement — the main goal of which is to make ‘local travel’ a key travel trend, aka buzzword that percolates on the Web and on the street. The movement is a celebration of the long tail writ in the world of travel. Quoting Long Tail author Chris Anderson: “Everyone’s taste departs from the mainstream somewhere. The more we explore alternatives the more we are drawn to them.”

Speaking with Ethan Gelber , it’s refreshing to see how optimistic he is about the travel industry and the possibilities of where it can go once localities are valued. Says Ethan: “The local travel movement adds momentum to a growing movement, to a growing sense of awareness within the industry that there is a still a disconnect with the traveler.”

Ethan sees the movement – spread across the web using web 2.0 channels including LinkedIn and Twitter – as an opportunity to create a nexus that shows travelers how to successfully engage with locals.

Given the diversity of partners, the Local Travel Movement is not overly prescriptive. Rather the Local Travel Movement simply places value on an approach to travel that is mindful of local people, the local environment, local culture and the local economy.

Local Honey

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  1. I still don’t understand the difference between Local Travel and Responsible Travel. If there is a good explainer somewhere, I would appreciate being directed to it.

  2. Len Cordiner says:

    Hi Kurt,

    I like the expression local travel because it is aimed at the traveller. It is about authenticity, connecting, new experiences, learning….and caring.

    Responsible travel is not a way to travel as far as I am concerned ….it is a way to behave. Whilst it is aimed at the right thing (saving the planet, improving pro-poor outcomes etc.) it is more a term which academics and tourism professionals would use than one which marketers would use.

    I want to have great authenitic and enriching experiences when I travel which means connecting with local people and the environment (oh, and by the way, this is also having a very positive impact in supporting local communities, the local environment etc.).

  3. Ethan Gelber says:

    I have responded to this question with a long reply on the Local Travel Movement forum at http://www.localtravelmovement.com/forum/general-discussions/what-exactly-is-local-travel/#p45 .

  4. Thanks, Len and Ethan. I will also reply at the LTM forum, and continue the discussion there.

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