Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño: A Oaxaca Favorite

Here’s a new Top 10 List! We’re preparing a list of fave stores selling local crafts.

One of my favorite stores in the world is Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño, Mina #317 at the corner of J.P. Garcia; 516-1581. Open 10am-8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-5pm Sundays. This small store has its own history. In 1961 this store opened its doors and continues to sell an eclectic mix of wooden figures (alebrijes), woven baskets, hojalata figures, tin frames and lampshades, drums and traditional toys, including trompos and baleros. Don Nicodemus Bartolo Vasquez is attentive and a master of dichos, including “el que tiene tienda que la atienda, o si no que la venda.”

Ask for his permission and take a photo in the store. We’d love to see your pictures of the not so fierce animal figures in the World Crafts group on Flickr.

Don Nico includes a small brochure with information about Oaxacan history and customs with each purchase. It’s a small store and well worth a stop en route to the Mercado de Artesanias or the buses to Monte Albán!

leave a positive footprint in oaxaca (deja una huella positiva)

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4 Responses to Jarcieria El Arte Oaxaqueño: A Oaxaca Favorite

  1. Ann Crew says:

    I love that store!

  2. Roger Griffiths says:

    Hi Ron,
    I don’t know if you remember me, but I talked with you several times during our visit to Oaxaca in Jan. and Feb.
    of this year. I loved this video. My wife and I always stop in this tienda when we are in the area, and sometimes buy things there. We were there in late January with a friend from Missouri.
    We first visited there in February 1994, when I was studying Spanish at the Instituto Cultural. Don Nicodemus’ hija, Alma Rosa, was my teacher. As I recall, Alma Rosa told me her parents came to Oaxaca city from Villa Alta in the sierra.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Roger Griffiths
    Sheboygan, Wisconsin

  3. ronmader says:

    Hello, Roger and Ann

    As a friend says about Don Nico, “Los visitantes le gustan platicar con el. Su modo de ser es su fuerte.”

  4. Nicodemus Bartolo says:

    Gracias a los amigos como ustedes sigue viviendo la tienda.

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