Top 10 List: Germany

To celebrate the new year, I’m looking to the future in a positive way with my Top 10 list of countries which we expect to hear a good deal in the coming year.

Here’s to Germany! My favorite saying auf Deutsch: Wenn der weg schön ist frag nicht wohin er führt. (When the path is beautiful, don’t ask where it leads.)

After learning German as a foreign language in my Indiana high school in the glorious 70s, I abandoned the language upon reaching college when classes were simply awful. Note to college students – don’t limit yourself to a classroom island – immersion programs are a blast!

Back in ’89 I found new reason to rekindle my interest when the Berlin Wall fell and returned to Germany in 1990. Twenty years later I’m getting ready to return to the Old World and in 2020 I’ll be addressing the Reisepavillon in Berlin, April 22-24. This puts the country squarely in the Top 10 list for the new year. On my social media reading list is Berlin tourism’s twitter account and recommended listening comes by the way of Radio New Zealand’s Our Boy In Berlin.

What we’d like to see: On top of our wishlist for Germany is a better understanding of how the country is managing its own conservation, biodiversity and tourism and how development programs are supporting responsible tourism and biodiversity conservation around the world. On my personal language quest,  I’ll be updating the guide to learning German and listening to Deutsche Welle’s German courses – my favorite segment is Deutschlernen mit Nachrichten (slowly spoken news reports!)

Call for photos: Ecotourism Europe

YOUR TURN – What are you favorite things about Germany?

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