Top 10 List: Belize

To celebrate the new year, I’m looking to the future in a positive way with my personal Top 10 list of countries which we expect to hear a good deal from in the coming year.

Recently the government of Belize hosted an international conference focusing on responsible tourism, Belize is the wild card in Central America and is on the cusp of delivering unique tourism experiences that respect the local people and environment.

What we’d like to see: On top of our wishlist for Belize is follow-up to the responsible tourism conference. Exactly how is the country putting into practice the noble words of the declaration? We also hope entrepreneurs and community leaders use the tips featured in the Storytelling Now  so that we can hear about Belize from local experts. One encouraging sign is the development of a Flickr gallery by the owners of the place I stayed, Rolson’s. Can the Toledo Cacaofest put something online similar to the Mayan Village Homestay and Chocolate Tour? Belize isn’t missing natural or cultural splendor. It’s only missing natural storytelling .

Call for photos: North American Ecotourism

YOUR TURN – What are you favorite things about Belize?

Johnny Cakes (Journey Cakes)

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2 Responses to Top 10 List: Belize

  1. Rob Hirons says:

    My wife Marta and I write a quarterly paper “The Toledo Howler” about the Toledo district on behalf of the local branch of BTIA (The Belize Tourism Industry Association) You can find archived copies of the first ten issues in pdf form on our web site.
    The Howler regularly features local craftspeople, musicians, organic farmers, village destinations and community-based organizations managing natural suites like caves and wetlands. In this way it showcases people and places that have no other marketing resources or outlets.
    This along with the tours that are offered locally
    1. generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities;
    2. makes positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage embracing diversity
    3. provides more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues
    4. is culturally sensitive, encourages respect between tourists and hosts, and builds local pride and confidence
    These four points are taken from the “noble words” of the Cape Town Declaration and are an example of responsible tourism in practice.

  2. ronmader says:

    Beautiful! I’ll add the Howler to our collection of Belize links –

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