Top 10 List: Ireland

To celebrate the new year, I’m looking to the future in a positive way with my personal Top 10 list of countries which we expect to hear a good deal from in the coming year.

Ireland deserves a top spot with the publication of the Ecotourism Handbook for Ireland available for download as a PDF file. We have been paying attention to the Emerald Isle thanks to its participation in last year’s Ecotourism Spotlight Award.

What we’d like to see: On top of our wishlist is for national leaders to incorporate the eco-friendly tips into tourism promotion.
Also … podcasts explaining Irish culture and heritage
A new edition of Ecoescape Ireland … in print and something for the e-book reader/ipod crowd that doesn’t want their travel info bound in a dead tree format

Call for photos: Ecotourism Europe

YOUR TURN – What are you favorite things about Ireland?

Ecotourism Handbook for Ireland

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2 Responses to Top 10 List: Ireland

  1. Thanks for this Ron. I would love to write another Ecoescape, and am doing a few trips back home this year, so will be gathering up plenty of info. Ireland is in a bad way at the moment with the recession – it still has its Green Party in coalition, so every bit helps. Happy New Year, and for anyone interested in eco-Ireland, please keep an eye on my column, Ethical Traveller, in The Irish Times every fortnight. Excerpts can be seen on my website,

  2. ronmader says:

    Thank you, Catherine. You’re one of the primary actors who helped Ireland make the list. I’ve read that tourism is down this year and I’d argue that local entrepreneurs simply have to take Web 2.0 into their own hand, particularly if they want to engage with their potential visitors around the world. Here’s to hearing more from the Emerald Isle this year.

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