Vote from Pedro

Last night I was chatting with Pedro Martinez, owner of a bike tour company in Oaxaca, Mexico, also the 2009 Colibri Ecotourism Award winner! Pedro doesn’t attend many expos and like many small tour operators around the world he complains bitterly about the ones where he attended and felt ripped off.

Since 2006 Pedro has been slowly learning Web 2.0. So we were talking about the various ways Pedro has been gaining new clients and connecting with old friends via Web 2.0, in particular Flickr and YouTube. There’s a value in continuity and the experiential learning cycle. Pedro has been uploading pictures and videos from his life over the past few years that tell a great story about practical responsible travel. He’s one of the pioneers in Mexico and a very good friend.

I say this because I find many other good friends in Mexico reluctant to use the Web 2.0 channels. When they do go online, it’s once and never repeated and they complain how the process was complicated or did not deliver results the next day. Pedro has stubbornly pushed forward. He’s one of the classic late adopters of Web 2.0. What does he like best about Flickr? “La promoción mas cara es que lo menos funciona y Flickr es un regalo. (The most expensive publicity is which works least and Flickr is a gift.)

Pedro and family

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