Positive footprints, positive attitude

Tourism and Climate Change is Planeta.com’s current e-conference.

With leadership changes in Australia and the United States – the two countries that held out on signing onto the Kyoto Protocol – the stage for major advances in addressing climate change. Serious funds will be needed to deliver a low carbon future, but there is also a need for an engaged dialogue and specific actions, sooner rather than later.

“2009 is a critical year for defining the paths the world’s nations can follow toward more sustainable practices,” says Ron Mader, founder of Planeta.com. “International conferences are usually conducted in terms that only policy specialists can understand. If we want to a global constituency in favor of low carbon lifestyles, we need to show how communities and countries are making practical advances. While some would argue that the eco-minded travelers should simply stay at home, I would argue that we should simply travel more slowly, choosing the greenest options and documenting what we find. Collaboration is key. If we’re going to leave footprints, we might as well leave positive footprints that others can follow.”


Climate Change Tips
World Climate on Flickr

Tourism and Climate Change

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