2009 Ecotourism Spotlight Award

Planeta.com – Voting is open for the 2009 Ecotourism Spotlight Award.

Nominees for this year’s award include Quito Visitors’ Bureau, Responsible Tourism Guide to the Mekong, Ecotourism Laos, Failte Ireland and Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.


Contenders have made the most of the Web in 2009 to engage locals and visitors. Examples of best practices include Failte Ireland’s ecotourism handbook for all 16,000 Irish tourism businesses and Quito’s documentation of eco activities including weekend bike rides. Web 2.0 tools are showcased on the Mekong site and multi-lingual information is showcased on the Mexico parks website. Two-time Ecotourism Spotlight Award winner Ecotourism Laos has been revising its site and shows how any good website is regularly updated to maintain its effectiveness.

“In 2009 we have more contenders than ever before,” said Planeta.com founder Ron Mader and director of the Ecotourism Spotlight Award. “The spotlight award shines attention on best practices and these nominees offer great examples for other government websites.”

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