Responsible Tourism Week Underway!

Ever wonder just what is responsible tourism?

Announcing Responsible Tourism Week: May 18-22, 2009
Hashtag: #rtweek2009

You are cordially invited to participate in Responsible Tourism Week taking place the week of May 18-22 focusing on responsible tourism around the world. The motto for the discussion is “Five Days, Fifty Ways to Make Tourism More Responsible.”

Discussion occurs online across various platforms, including and Web 2.0 channels including Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.

In terms of planning, not much will be done. Borrowing the wisdom of Spike Milligan, “We don’t have anything planned, so nothing can go wrong!” This is not the typical conference or e-conference. Instead, the discussion will be dependent on participants organizing themselves in productive and inspiring ways we cannot begin to imagine. The hope is that Responsible Tourism Week contributes broadly and deeply to the global dialogue on responsible tourism and that it helps set up the networking for the Responsible Tourism Conference in Belize later this year.

How to participate

Since the discussion takes part on various platforms, now is a good time to become acquainted with Web 2.0 .

Tag relevant pages and tweets with the hashtag #rtweek2009

Those interested are asking to reflect on what responsible tourism means philosophically and via concrete actions. Shine a light on a particular place.

On the ground you might want to document how responsible tourism looks where you live.

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