Mexico’s Green Future: Viva la Vida Verde

Mexico City (February 17, 2009) – Forum for the Future releases its Green Futures Special Report Viva la Vida Verde focusing on the continuing search for sustainable practices in Mexico.

The report was supported by the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Dialogues, WWF, TUI Travel PLC, Grupo Bimbo and Unilever.

Articles include a review of whether President Felipe Calderón put Mexico on the path to a greener life written by Forum for the Future’s Ben Tuxworth and Jonathon Porritt, author of the provocative book Capitalism.

In More Energy, Less Carbon Ron Buchanan looks at the country’s efforts to kick the high-carb habit. Jo Tuckman looks at the green revolution in Mexico City. Sun, Sea…Sustainability reviews the ecotourism and sustainable travel written by Ron Mader and Ben Tuxworth.

The publication is being distributed in Mexico City and will soon be available on the Green Futures website.

About Green Futures

Green Futures was founded in 1996 by Jonathon Porritt. The objective is to lead the debate on how to achieve a sustainable future – one that’s both practical and attractive. The special publications are targeted at an informed, intelligent, but non-specialist audience, with a particular emphasis on decision-makers and opinion-formers in business, government, education and the campaigning world.

viva la vida verde

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