What’s on your wish list?

Planeta.com asks friends and readers … what’s on your wish list for 2009?

What trends do you think will become big in the coming year? Our 2009 Wish List will document what’s on your mind and comments will be published. Please answer the survey! — http://tinyurl.com/5u46ly

Personally, I love the idea of a wish list and find it’s a great way to engage anyone. Whether I’m talking to a traveler, a hotel owner, a cycling activist or a weaver, there’s always a good response when I ask them, “What would you like to see?” And if we can move forward from that idea, there’s an incredible positive energy that empowers everyone. The point is starting with identifying what we’d like to see.

Wish List for Responsible, Sustainable Ecotourism that Alleviates Poverty, Creates Jobs, Greens Transport and Events, Conserves Biodiversity, Fosters Education and Promotes Meaningful Engagement among Stakeholders while creating a Peaceful World

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