May 2016!

Wild Calendars: May 2016 Joshua Tree National Park

May 2016 Calendar: Joshua Tree National Park @JoshuaTreeNPS #FindYourPark//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Reframing Sustainable Tourism Hangout

April 14 Reframing Sustainable Tourism Hangout

A new take and new book on some perplexing conundrums for fans and friends of responsible, eco, conscious travel.

Guests: Authors  +Keith Bosak and +Stephen McCool
Key Words: Brazil – Case Studies – Community – Critical Discussion – FrameworkGeographyIndia – Las Vegas – New System State – Pursuit of Sustainable Tourism – Resilience – Resilience Thinking – Social Capital – TAPAS – Threshold – Tipping PointWhitefish#TourismMatters2017 (iystd)

Why was the book written?
What is in the book?
Why not an open-access book?
What is the future of sustainable tourism? = ¿Cuál es el futuro del turismo sostenible?
What should we make of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development?
What would you like to see come out of the IUCN Congress in Hawaii and the CBD COP13 in Cancun?
What are your upcoming travels and presentations?


The story of Whitefish, is then very revealing in that it illustrates the changes in relationships between society and the environment. As our awareness, sensitivity, and knowledge of society-environment links grow, we confront fundamental ques- tions about what futures face us and our children. Does the history of Whitefish reveal a community that has sustained itself over the last century? Are choices broader or more constrained than in the past? What would it mean to answer in the affirmative or the negative? Given the dramatic nature of social and economic change that will inevitably come, will Whitefish be sustainable in the future? (p5)

it is unclear how one would measure and assess whether a sustainable tourism initiative was successful and why: interventions often display confusion between inputs and outcomes, and the spatial, temporal and social-organizational scales are often unstated at which interventions are aimed often go unstated as well as not being subject to monitoring. Implementing an intervention might look good for a government program or to an NGO’s donors, but how do we know it worked? For whom did it work? Who benefited? Who did not? Why? Further, a focus on sustainable tourism as small scale businesses or community tourism initiatives ignores both the idea of reducing the negative consequences of all tourism in general and how tourism development integrates into the larger economy of a village or region. In one sense, the goal of sustainable tourism has been to ensure economic stability, particularly at the community level—a goal difficult to achieve in a world of globalized financial institutions and processes. (p9)

As tourism develops in an area, tourists begin to require more and more infrastructure, necessitating the conversion of land from activities such as agriculture to restaurants, lodges and gift shops. What this illustrates is what I call the defining characteristic of tourism: That it fundamentally changes the places where it occurs to meet its own needs. What this means is that either form of tourism as development (economic or social) produces impacts both positive and negative. It is also important to emphasize that tourism produces change (p35)

The outcome of this is the development of a community-owned ecotourism enterprise that follows the principles outlined by the Nanda Devi Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism Declaration. The missing component in this case has been policy formulation and governmental actions that support adaptive governance. Instead, the government in general and the Forest Department (in particular) are seen as adversaries and their policies are seen as detrimental to maintaining resilient socio-ecological systems. What this illustrates is that in order for adaptive governance to be an effective tool to promote sustainable tourism (as a resilient socio-ecological system), it must occur at all scales and government policies must be developed to support creative pathways to resilient systems. (p43)





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Hello, April

Readers with talents in online composition, please let me ask you some nerdy questions.

Can you edit a blog on a tablet? Can you embed tweets or a Flickr image? How easy is it to add links? And finally can you edit the blog using voice writing? That’s the challenge for me this April 1st, no joke.

My laptop is in for repairs so take my advice and never mix up trackpad with liquids.

Voice writing is something I am trying to learn on par with playing the ukulele. Voice writing, sometimes it works, sometimes it is absurd Lee funny. Will keep the funniest bits. What works is achieved through practice

Personal plans this month include holding a garage sale in our cul-de-sac on April 16 and meeting neighbors and friendly strangers. Look for my nephew’s drone overhead as I live stream some periscope videos.

Garage sales are common in the USA not so much in Mexico. And in Mexico it’s much easier to get to know your neighbors. What if we mixed it up and held a block party dressed up as a garage sale? I have a few books I want to sell.

Nerdy Question how popular are garage sales where you are?

Personal/professional plans for April include celebrating Earth Day and creating a new award for best environmental tourism coverage from government ministries and agencies that we can announce on world environment day and world tourism day. Suggestions please.

Professionally, I am very excited to say that the new version of planeta.com will debut this month

Keep an eye on this page. I will be coming back to make updates and edits.

April 2016 Calendar: Glacier National Park @GlacierNPS #findyourpark

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March 2016

A special shoutout in early March for those visiting and sharing photos and videos from Death Valley National Park. A full-on superbloom is transforming the arid desert into colorful fields of wildflowers.

March 2016 Death Valley Calendar - will there be a #superbloom?

Special Events
March 3
World Wildlife Day - #WorldWildlifeDay
March 7-11 Open Education Week #openeducationwk
March 7-13 Parks Week (NSW)
March 17 St. Patrick's Day (Ireland)
March 21 Equinox
March 21 Birthday: Benito Juárez (Mexico)
March 20 UN International Day of Happiness
March 21 International Day of Forests
March 22 World Water Day

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#PlanetaTalks Hangout: 2016 Preview

Join us Monday, February 22 for a #PlanetaTalks Hangout. We preview upcoming travel and conservation events and talk up the conscious, eco, responsible and fun tourism connections in 2016.

Guests: Glenn Jampol, tk

Starting Time: 830am Las Vegas, 1030am San José, 1130am New York City, 430pm London, 10pm Kerala – Time and Date

Questions are welcome before and during the hangout.



Talking points: ITB BerlinNews from TAPAS2017#IUCNCongress#CBDCOP13

Feb 22 #PlanetaTalks Hangout: Conscious, Eco, Responsible and Fun 2016

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The Best Conversations Take Place Over Time #rtweek16

Join us Thursday, February 11, 830am Las Vegas, 630pm Athens
Responsible Travel Week Hangout with Ecoclub

#RTWeek16 Thursday Hangout with Antonis Petropoulos @ecoclub

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Responsible Travel Week Begins #Rtweek16

And so it begins.

My 17th year of online conferencing. Responsible Travel Week starts today and runs through Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Top Tips

Register on Eventbrite.

Circle the dates on your calendar and budget time.

Join the Facebook event page .

Join the Google+ event page .

Tweet using the #rtweek16 hashtag.

Comment and ask questions on Ron’s blog.

Join us for the real-time hangouts.

If you cannot create, curate.

Instead of a preview of the day, this week’s collection of Responsible Travel Week blogs will be edited throughout the day to capture some of the magic.



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