February 4 Native Innovation Hangout (also see Native Innovation)
February 8-14, 2016 Responsible Travel Week #rtweek16

February 2016 Calendar: Long Pine Key Nature Trail, Everglades National Park @evergladesnps

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2015’s Linguistic Deep Dive from #MacqWOTY @MacqDictionary

My personal favorite Word of the Year competition? Easily the one with online voting: Macquarie Dictionary’s Word of the Year wisely waits until the start of the following year to assess what gained traction in the previous 12 months. What’s found on the deep dive are linguistic treasures and a snapshot not only of 2015 but of the year to come as unfamiliar words gain currency. Here’s the English language in motion.

Buzzword Bingo: Word of the Year

What I love about #macqwoty is its embrace of global culture and local Aussie heritage. It’s difficult to understand the country’s political turmoil of 2015 without understanding former PM Abott’s embrace of the captain’s call. I wish the committee would include the year’s most used hashtags. #Libspill was outstanding political entertainment.

What I find annoying are the entrees that I try to ignore as being too cute or gimmicky, but darnit, they’re darn good words: athleisure, listicle, open kimono and ghost plate.

Personal faves:

Captain’s Call = Decision made by a political or business leader without consultation with colleagues.

Deso = Designated driver.

Ex Situ Conservation = Conservation process by which animals or plants threatened with extinction in their native habitat are preserved by removing them to zoos, captive breeding programs, botanical gardens, aquariums, or by storing their genes in a gene bank.

Fridge-to-fridge party = Party in which participants ride on bicycles from one home to another, consuming alcoholic drinks stocked in the fridge at each location.

Impact Investing = Investing in companies which will have a beneficial impact on the public good as well as generating a financial return for the investor.

Medical Detection Dog = Dog trained to respond to body odours which are indicative of the presence of cancer, the effects of diabetes.

Selfie Drone = Drone quipped with a camera so that it can take photographs and videos from the air of the owner posing or performing various actions.

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Questions for this year’s #StateOfVegas

#StateOfVegas is the hashtag for the January 7, 2016 presentation of Las Vegas' State of the City @mayoroflasvegas @CityOfLasVegas

I covered the 2015 State of Las Vegas on my blog. It was a lot of fun to watch (and read the live tweets) and this year’s address should be a great way to catch up on what’s happening in one of the world’s most storied cities. Tune in for the livestreaming video Thursday, January 7, 5pm PST:
http://stateof.vegas and http://livestream.com/cityoflasvegas/events/4594295

Hashtag:. I’ll be curating tweets and articles via Storify.

1. With the creation of new nearby national monuments (Tule Springs, Basin and Range) and the proximity of other parks and reserves (Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountains, Sloan Canyon), does the city have a public strategy for integrating and promoting ecotourism?
2. What are the hometown accomplishments in terms of developing responsible travel (aka better places to live are better places to visit)?
3. Regarding Downtown Las Vegas: is there any place to rent a bike? Are there any guided walks led by locals?
4. One of the stated goals last year was for Las Vegas to become a Net Zero City. Are there details about the Net Zero City strategy online?
5. Is Las Vegas doing anything in terms of offsetting carbon emissions from incoming visitors, particularly those arriving via long-haul travel?


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Happy New Year! Here’s our January 2016 Calendar.

Since 2016 is the Centennial of the National Park Service in the USA, I’d like to continue remixing official park photos which are themselves an excellent promotion for ‘finding your park.’ The US park service pioneered ‘ecotourism‘ long before the term entered the lexicon.

This month we spotlight Zion National Park, formerly known as Mukuntuweap, a Southern Paiute word which means “straight canyon.” This is certainly one of my favorite corners of the planet and I hope I can manage a trip sometime in 2016. How about you? Any parks or protected areas on your 2016 travel wish list?

Free Calendar: January 2016 @ZionNPS @NatlParkService #FindYourPark #WildUSA

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Locals and Visitors

Engaging travel: it’s all about connecting locals and visitors.

Locals and Visitors//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Now, I know there are still a few who insist that climate change is one big hoax – @JohnKerry #COP21

Favorite quip from the Paris Climate Change Conference #COP21

Now, I know there are still a few who insist that climate change is one big hoax – even a political conspiracy. My friends, these people are so out of touch with science that they believe rising sea levels don’t matter, because in their view, the extra water is just going to spill out over the sides of a flat Earth. @JohnKerry, Remarks

Now, I know there are still a few who insist that climate change is one big hoax @JohnKerry #COP21

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December 11 is International Mountain Day 2015 #MountainsMatter

A personal note. Collaborating with the Mountain Forum, Black Sheep Inn, Fidel’s ranch in the Mixtec and living in some of the world’s finest mountainous terrain — Oaxaca, Mexico and Nevada, USA … I have a certain fondness for ‘International Mountain Day’ (December 11). I should add I’m from a place with zero mountains, the flat pancake of the Midwest where bumps are upgraded to ‘hill’ on roadside signage. It’s still a treat for me to see any earth ascend from the ground. It remains new in my visage. ‘Is there snow on the mountain?’ we ask from Las Vegas, speaking of the Spring Mountains.

I’m still learning the background, but the annual celebration is the masterstroke of the FAO. Details

Stay in touch with your hosts via Twitter: @FAOForestry @FAOnews

And suggestions are always welcome as we update Planeta’s Mountains Wiki

Comments and translations are invited in the comments below.

#MountainsMatter Question: How do you translate ‘International Mountain Day’ in other languages?
Spanish: Día Internacional de la Montaña

December 11 is International Mountain Day 2015 @FAOForestry @FAOnews #MountainsMatter

Mountains hangout, anyone?

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