Hack your own event #estc2015 #EuroEco15 #localtravelusa


April 26-29 European Ecotourism Conference (Jachranka, Poland)
hashtag: #euroeco15

April 27-30 Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (QuitoEcuador)

Next week we pay attention to two events focusing on ecotourism: conferences in Ecuador and Poland. In conversation — hangouts, tweets, Facebook posts – with participants, there is a great of enthusiasm. How to make the most of this? Let’s find ways to improve our communication.

Events ought to be more engaging and if the organizers are not up to providing livestreaming video, diydo it yourself. Hacking an event does not have to be a criticism. Most organizers are simply up to their eyeballs with other tasks. If you offer to live tweet or livestream the video, they most likely will be appreciative. Remote participants too! I certainly want to see and hear what’s happening in Ecuador/Poland with the intention of updating our wiki pages about Ecuador/Poland.

Here are some to ways to ‘hack your own event’ using the social web:

Periscope – Livestream the event. Periscope is new and hip. Take us for a walk in Ecuador/Poland. We can heart you if you #periscope

Ustream – My recommendation to livestream presentations and Q&A sessions. If it’s official, it should be archived. Ustream’s advantage over Periscope is the ease of uploading (and archiving) videos to YouTube.

Twitter – Tweet and retweet. Favorite tweets and bonus points if you embed a tweet on blog. More bonus points if you create a Twitter list

Flickr – Upload photos. We love pictures of city parks, mountains, markets and good signage. Tweet your favorites!

Facebook – Share stories from the event using relevant groups.

Slideshare – Post presentations or documents, preferably with a Creative Commons attribution-share alike license

Storify – Curate your favorite bits

Wiki – Correct the Wikipedia or edit another wiki.

YouTube – Upload your own video of responsible travel and ecotourism in action.

Most of these social web tools can be used for other events, including next month’s Local Travel in the USA, hashtag #localtravelusa. Share these tips with fellow participants and please enjoy the face-to-face interaction. Suggestions welcome.

Hack your own event : Hangout, Periscope, Ustream, wikis and YouTube #rtdcapetown #estc15 #euroeco15 #euroeco #rtweek16

Buzzword Bingo: DIY = Do It Yourself

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Las Vegas Mela 2015

Saturday, April 25 – Las Vegas Mela

“Year over year, Indian Festival is able to increase its attendance. However, we believe that there is more can be done to reach out to people who have come to love Indian culture. Focus is particularly on new generation, who need a link to the past traditions, and culture. We believe engaging kids through arts programs not only keep them out of trouble, but also it helps bridge the gap between past and the future. They are the best hope to promote indigenous cultural traditions to folks beyond their own background.” – Website

April 25 Indian Food and Cultural Festival, aka Las Vegas Mela @LasVegasMela


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What are your plans for #EarthDay? #roofdog

Earth Day celebrations take place around the world April 22.

Some history: Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced the idea to then President John F Kennedy in the early 1960s and Earth Day has officially celebrated since 1972. Earth Day has proved extremely popular in the United States and around the world. May we suggest some games?

What are your plans for Earth Day?
Spanish: ¿Cuáles son tus planes para el Día de la Tierra?

What are your plans for Earth Day? = ¿Cuáles son tus planes para el Día de la Tierra? #roofdog #earthday

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April 20 Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation

Highlights from today’s Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation Hangout

Deborah McLaren, GetLocalFlavor.com
Greg Vogt, CEO Knysna Tourism
Martin Hatchuel, Publisher This Tourism Week

Monday, April 20 Hangout: Responsible Travel and Wildlife Conservation





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National Park Week in the USA April 18-26 #findyourpark

The US National Park Service hosts National Parks Week April 18-26 and Planeta.com invites readers and editors to contribute tips and suggestions for visiting and protecting the wilderness areas and historical landmarks. Updates will be made throughout the week on the Planeta Wiki.

“National Parks Week coincides with the annual celebration of Earth Day,” says Planeta.com founder Ron Mader. “We will be paying attention to activities around the USA and around the world. 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service and we’d like to spend 2015 learning about the current challenges faced by the parks as we prepare for a new century of stewardshipand engagement.

Among the parks that will be featured this week: Everglades, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Yosemite and Zion.

“Planeta Wiki editors are cordially invited to finesse our online guides so that they include practical visitor tips as well as links to more scholarly reports,” said Mader. “We also invite the public to share photos of parks and protected areas in our World Parks Flickr Group.

Photos and tweets from the national parks are considered for inclusion in our World Parks Flipboard.

2015 Calendar Remix

Go wild! We’re celebrating parks and protected areas in 2015 with the creation of a calendar archived on Flickr. We’re remixing photos from the parks’ official Flickr accounts and using only the photos with Creative Commons attribution-sharealike licenses, which means you are free to use and download the images provided you give attribution. #FindYourPark and #ShareYourPark!

Which parks have Flickr and other social web channel accounts? See our Google Doc.

National Park Week in the USA, April 18-26 #FindYourPark @NatlParkService @IUCN_CEC @NatParksBlog @ParksTraveler @American_Latino

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Responsible Local Travel in the USA #localtravelusa

Source: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/localtravelusa

Announcement: Starting in May Planeta.com and GetLocalFlavor.com host a national conversation taking inventory of where the USA stands in terms of responsible travel / Indigenous tourism / ecotourism / agritourism / sustainable travel and what we would like to see improve in 2015. Is it time for new associations / organizations / working groups?

Responsible Local Travel in the USA explores examples of social and environmental responsibility within the US travel sector. To us, this means bringing together innovative people with localist values who are naturally creating a better world. Ron Mader of Planeta.com (celebrating an incredible 20 years on the world wide web) and tourism activist Deborah McLaren of GetLocalFlavor.com (author, consultant, founder of numerous responsible tourism organizations and passionate localist) will co-host a series of live hangouts to bring together individual leaders, organizations and communities in the USA.

We will spotlight local businesses and organizations – and showcase and use crowdsourced documents, surveys and other online gadgets to broaden the discussion. Special efforts are taken to make this as transparent and as open access as possible. We are betting that these conversations generate both short- and long-term benefits and actions. Our first hangout: Friday, May 1 May 2015: Responsible Local Travel in the USA @GetLocalFlavor @ronmader #localtravelusa   Details on the conference hub: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/localtravelusa

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How has mainstream tourism been affected by ecotourism? #roofdog


How has mainstream tourism been affected by ecotourism?
¿Cómo ha sido el turismo convencional afectado por el ecoturismo?

How has mainstream tourism been affected by ecotourism? = ¿Cómo ha sido el turismo convencional afectado por el ecoturismo? #roofdog @blacksheepinn

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