Here’s the October 2015 calendar featuring Glacier National Park. We are ready for Oktoberfest. We’re excited about the Open Access Week (October 21-27). Why can’t all events be more inclusive, innovative and open? Foodies, take note of World Food Day on October 16. Locally, we’re hosting Dogs ‘n’ Drones in Henderson, Nevada on October 30.

Are there other events you are paying attention? Let us know in the comments below.

October 4 World Animal Day

October 17 National Fossil Day (USA)

October 16 National Ride To Work Day (Australia)

October 16 World Food Day

October 24 UN Day

October 25 Nevada Day

October 27 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

October 30 Dogs ‘n’ Drones (Henderson, USA)

October 31 Halloween

October National Parks Calendar: Glacier National Park @GlacierNPS @NatlParkService//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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This Week in Geelong, Victoria

September 29 – October 2 Wildlife Tourism: a Force for Biodiversity Conservation and Local Economies?
hashtag: #wildlifeTourism2015

Wildlife Tourism Australia


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September 27 is World Tourism Day #wtd2015

The United Nations created World Tourism Day (September 27) in 1979 to increase awareness of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. World Tourism Day is hosted by the UNWTO .

Planeta.com has celebrated World Tourism Day for 20 years! We applaud the work of friends in the hospitality sector. You inspire us a billion billion times. Each year we ask a few questions and compile the responses.

We will be arranging an online YouTube/Google+ hangout, Monday September 28. Please let me know if you would like to participate on camera.

In 2015 World Tourism Day was scheduled to be hosted by Burkina Faso, but that was called off given current turmoil. Thailand hosts in 2016 and Qatar in 2017.

Question: How do you say ‘World Tourism Day’ in other languages?
Hungarian: Turizmus Világnapja
Italian: Giornata Mondiale del Turismo
Spanish: Día Mundial del Turismo

Question: Is there a host country for #wtd2015? How are host countries selected?

Question: What are your favorite open access or creative commons-licensed tourism data, reports?

Question: How does World Tourism Day 2015 #wtd2015 compare to World Tourism Day 2014 #wtd2014?

World Tourism Day on Flickr #wtd2015

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Infinite patience and infinite grace: Think & Drink with Genevieve Bell @orhumanities @feraldata

Infinite patience and infinite grace

Kudos to Oregon Humanities for livestreaming the Think & Drink with Genevieve Bell. Here’s the talk that mesmerised me this week featuring anthropologist and Intel vice president Genevieve Bell and Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities. Yeah, humanities! Thanks again for sharing this conversation.

Imagine a world where email is not 24/7 @feraldata @orhumanities

Anthropologist and Intel vice president Genevieve Bell joins Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities, for a conversation about technology, people, and place.

4:35 We mistake transcribing focus groups for insight. We mistake writing down what people say for making of meaning. And the reality what most of us know is that what you say and what you meant by that are two frequently two different things and what you didn’t say may be more important than what you said. You are transcribing utterances and then doing a content analysis on the words, you maybe missing the most important things because they are unsayable or unsaid. 10:00 Technology is not neutral … it does not have agency 15:30 We changed from being storytellers to readers 19:17 Internet no longer twinned with democracy 20:00 (Sound cuts out until 21:35) 34:35 What if we imagined for a moment we were to build technology that embodied our best angels not our worst fears. What if we build technology that imagined we are better than we are … Infinite patience and infinite grace 53:43 We have a lawyer, senior judge who admitted he didn’t read his own email. He had people print it out and bring it to him … Printing out Twitter meme … 53:52 He had no shame 55:20 Desire to make it a simple story. The reality is. It’s already been incredibly complicated and we can resist simplifying, resist making it easy. Ask the hard questions and allow some of the answers will be ambiguous which is a pain I know if you’re a policy-maker. Not tidy-ing up, when you open up those stories hear other voices and other experiences which become other posibilities and prospects. And if you don’t have that, you have a moribund conversation.
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Engaging Twitter

For me, Twitter has become a combination email box and public bulletin board. I schedule hangouts using Direct Message and I can forward or retweet messages that I think might interest readers who follow me. For friends and clients who refuse to use Twitter, I ask ‘How can I retweet if you if you don’t first tweet?

This is important only for those friends/clients who have news they want shared. For those in conservation – environmental, cultural or any hybrid variation – this means creating awareness. Send me an email and I might learn something. Relay something via Twitter and not only can I learn something, but I can share this in a variety of ways. Marketing a tour, a town, a physical object, a language school, folkart and artesanias? Twitter is one of the must-have tools in the social web toolbox.

Yes, Twitter is just one of many, many social web channels and in my communication / collaboration workshops, I stress the need to be fully engaged. For those new to any specific channel, just look at the basics. Via any of the social web channels, how are you able to be attentive, creative, generous, curious and empathetic?

And how would this work on Twitter?

You can be attentive and read and follow. You can be creative and tweet. You can be generous and add stars to other people’s tweets, reply or retweet others and for the advanced, you can embed tweets on your own site or curate them via Flipboard, Storify or other social web channels. I even embed tweets on the Planeta Wiki! You can be curious and search for topics and people of interest.

There’s also empathy and I’m not sure what actions to include.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. I’ll be making updates to the Twitter Tips presentation.


Levels of Engagement (2015) @ronmader

Twitter Tips from ron mader

Planeta Wiki



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What do you think of #biodiversity offsets?

What do you think of biodiversity offsets?

Our friends at the IUCN invite us to provide input on the draft biodiversity offsets policy by taking the following steps:

  1. Read the Overview of the IUCN Biodiversity Offsets Policy Process. (See French versionand Spanish version.)
  2. Read the Draft IUCN Biodiversity Offsets Policy. (See French version and Spanish version.) Please note that you are not required to comment on the entire draft policy document . Any input, even on select parts of the document, is welcome. You are also encouraged to circulate these documents widely through your networks, although we do ask, where feasible, that you provide one set of comments per organization.
  3. Share your comments by using this form. (See French version and Spanish version.)

With full respect, here’s what I don’t understand: why is the process of receiving comments not public? I know it’s blue sky thinking, but could we have access to a wiki or google doc in which we could collaboratively create or at least comment on the document? Could the entire process be more open and transparent? Besides written documents, could we participate in online conversations – aka youtube hangouts — in which the pros and cons were explored?

Personally, I want to hear or host unscripted conversations. Otherwise we have staid documents that do not connect with the public which leads to apathy and disinterest in critical topics to our everyday lives and those of our grandchildren and their children.

Biodiversity Offsets

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Naturally Hawaiian: Notes from Henderson’s 25th Annual Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival

This weekend in Henderson, Nevada

Here’s the official blurb: 25th Annual Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival
Get into the aloha spirit with one of the valley’s biggest Pacific Islander celebrations. Travel to a tropical paradise and immerse yourself in the culture with the sights, sounds and smells of Hawaii, Tahiti and the Samoan Islands. Enjoy traditional island entertainment, crafts and food. Admission is free. Facebook

My take: This is an impressive cultural event and kudos to the organizers for 25 years of celebrating all things Hawaiian on the 9th island, aka Henderson/Las Vegas. The music was beautiful, the crowd attentive, the food tempting (poi!) and shopping eclectic. Highlight for me was meeting Patrick Ching, artist and author of all things Naturally Hawaiian.

Patrick Ching, Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival/Naturally Hawaii #LocalTravel #rtcities @cityofhenderson

Malasadas and Poi Mochi, Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival #LocalTravel #rtcities @cityofhenderson

Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival #LocalTravel #rtcities @cityofhenderson

September 12-13 25th Annual Prince Jonah Kuhio Ho’olaule’a and Pacific Islands Festival #LocalTravel #rtcities @cityofhenderson @transitionsabroad

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