Parks Inspiring Solutions Hangout (July 2014)

Tourism in parks and protected areas can be a boon to local conservation efforts or it can afflict biodiversity conservation and environmental management. Many travelers find meaningful encounters with nature in protected areas, but these wilderness fans are often at a loss when figuring out where to go and how to visit parks in other countries.On Thursday July 31 (August 1 in Asia and Oceania) is scheduling two public Google+ hangouts to discuss parks and tourism and to survey what’s new and inspiring. We will be featuring members of the Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group and previewing the NovemberWorld Parks Congress.

Thursday, July 31, 1030-1130am PDTParks Inspiring Solutions Hangout
Thursday, July 31, 430-530pm PDTParks Inspiring Solutions Hangout

Parks Inspiring Solutions G+ Hangout

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Guelaguetza 2014

Oaxaca, Mexico – The Guelaguetza is one of Mexico’s most important festivals.

Ask locals what ‘Guelaguetza’ means to them and there are a variety of answers. That should be expected. In Oaxaca everything has more than one name and anything that has one name usually has more than one meaning.

2014 celebrations are July 21 and 28 in Oaxaca City and neighboring villages. Good news: the main event has a livestream thanks to CORTV.

Dates for Guelaguetza 2014: July 21 and 28 #rtyear14

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Learn a Māori Word this Week #tekupu

2014 Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) is July 21-27.

This year’s theme is ‘Te Kupu o te Wiki’, or ‘The Word of the Week.’ ’Te Kupu o te Wiki’ will help New Zealanders to build their Māori vocabulary. Through Te Kupu o te Wiki, Māori language lovers can learn Maori words to use in everyday conversation.

Māori language tweets and messages for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori should include the hashtag #tekupu.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: 2014 Māori Language Week, July 21-27 #tekupu

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Capturing the Uncapturable: Favorite Tweets from #NetHui

NetHui , New Zealand’s awesome Web conference, took place July 9-11 in Auckland. Next event: November 14-15 NetHui South in Christchurch. Details:

As a remote participant, I loved the fact that I could watch the plenary and breakout sessions. I’ve used NetHui as an example of where I believe tourism and conservation events in particular need to go. What is the purpose of holding events behind closed doors? For those interested in mainstreaming biodiversity, conservation or responsible travel, livestreaming is a no-brainer.

That said, NetHui is its own wonderful beast. The participants who attend and tweet are among the most lively and argumentative on the Web. It’s a mashup of narratives and counter-narratives, all with a Kiwi accent.

On the Planeta Wiki I was able to make a few changes to the New Zealand Wiki as well pages about Auckland, Christchurch and the Maori language (thank you ‘kaupapa’). I’ve also updated a very long Storify recap of the event, but here on this blog are some of my favorite tweets in no particular order, which befits an event that is so approachable and yet uncapturable!



















Stray Notes:

Livestreaming worked like a charm until the session on curating New Zealand content. I’m looking forward to watching once the archived videos go up online.

If there is interest from organizers and participants, I would be happy to host a Google+ hangout about lessons learned from NetHui.

Wishlist: I wished the event could have gone outside the doors and shown us more of Auckland. I hope Nethui-South can blend the indoor event with outdoor Christchurch

Wishlist: The Maori Meetup was held the first day sans livestreaming. I’ve learned so much from previous huis that showed us what Maori leaders are doing online. In the future please hold at least one breakout session with a Maori focus point during your livestreaming hours.

Wishlist: Collaborative note-taking is a great idea to keep track of the conversations, but it was underutilized. Before the event participants need guidance such as tipsheets and video tutorials. I’d recommend holding a Google hangout precisely on this notion 2 or 3 weeks before the next event. Show people how it works. As you can tell, I’m a fan of the hangouts, first for the immediate access to the livestream and second for the archive it creates that makes it easy for later viewing.


#NetHui Matrix Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.01.15 PM

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Shaping Our Future for a New Generation: #NetHui

NetHui , New Zealand’s awesome Web conference, takes place July 9-11 in Auckland.

Our view: NetHui sets the benchmark for engaging, inclusive, livestreaming events, particularly amenable to remote participants.

NetHui brings together a variety of players – aka stakeholders – working at the forefront and just curious about – the Internet and how digital communication can be used to improve the quality of life in New Zealand. Keynotes inspire and breakout sessions unleash gems of wisdom from the participants.

While NetHui does not explicitly focus on travel and tourism, we see this event as a good example for business conferences. We would love to see more local tourism reps attend NetHui or copy NetHui methodology in their own events. Perhaps there might be a way to collaboratively develop ideas about Collaboration in NZ Travel and Tourism.

What we’d love to see

• Live editing of transcripts using Google docs has been amazing. Please do this again!
• We’d love to see participants take us out into the streets of Auckland. Last year’s NetHui launched the Facebook campaign for Worldwide Wellington Week)
• More Maori connections! Thanks to NetHui we’ve learned about TangataWhenua and Hika Lite.
• Coverage of NZ tourism and conservation. While we understand that the event is focused on internet/computer policy, our ears perk up when you show how the travel and nature sectors in NZ are taking to the open web.
• Google+ hangouts. It would be great to get some of the participants and speakers together after the hui for a #NetHui hangout?

Shaping Our Future Together: #NetHui July 9-11, Auckland, New Zealand @NetHuiNZ @InternetNZ (Poster #2 with Attribution-Share Alike License Poster)

Shaping Our Future Together: #NetHui July 9-11, Auckland, New Zealand @NetHuiNZ @InternetNZ (Poster with Attribution-Share Alike License Poster)

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Today’s Virtual Tour of Quito, Ecuador

Today we held a Quito Travel Hangout with Enrique Cabanilla @ecabanilla and Patricio Gaybor @pgaybor. The highlight was a virtual tour of Quito’s official city tourism portal,

I’ve long found this particular website to be at the vanguard of showcasing practical and timely travel info. That said, I’ve gotten lost and unsure of where to find the stuff that matters to me, such as city markets, local artisans and Spanish language schools. This hangout helped me find my way around virtual Quito and certainly inspired me to engage more with their social web channels.

Look for updates on Planeta’s Quito and Ecuador pages.

Quito Google+ Hangout @pgaybor @ecabanilla #rtcities

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July 2014 Calendar, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada #nv150

July 2014

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