Koedoe Hangout

Hangout with us on October 22 as we discuss the publication of the new Koedoe issue on Tourism and Protected Areas. The conversation takes place on Google+.

Some background: Tourism and visitation is a dominant commercial use of protected areas, carrying with it numerous potential positive and negative consequences including unique challenges for management and planning. The Fifth World Parks Conference will be convened in September 2014 to discuss many of the challenges and opportunities dealing with parks and protected areas. To help lay a foundation for discussion of the role of tourism there, the WCPA Tourism and Protected Area Specialist Group is partnering with Koedoe, a journal focusing on African Protected Area Conservation and Science to sponsor a special issue on Tourism and Protected Areas: Challenges and Opportunities.

The Special Issue focuses on synthesis articles and original research on the following aspects of tourism in protected areas:
• Tourism, protected areas and local and indigenous communities
• Frameworks for planning and managing tourism in protected areas
• Tourism as an engine of economic development
• Financing management with tourism
• Tourism within the context of complex systems
• Tourism as a tool for conservation

More about this issue:

Koedoe is the Afrikaans term for Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros), the large and graceful antelope that is the corporate logo of South African National Parks. It is also the name of an Open Access journal published by AOSIS which features research on all forms of protected areas, from large State national parks to small regional and local game and nature reserves, cultural and environmental heritage sites, private conservation endeavours, and general aspects related to biodiversity conservation.

The latest special issue of Koedoe focuses on tourism and protected areas, and is now available to read free of charge at http://www.koedoe.co.za. Led by members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, various authors examine the interaction between visits, parks and communities. Stephen McCool and Anna Spenceley (both members of the above group) highlight in their Editorial how the need to understand and manage the nexus of tourism and protected areas is increasing, since international travel and tourism continue to grow, conservation efforts are increasingly dependent on protected areas serving as the cornerstone of slowing (and ideally stopping) the loss of biological diversity, and demands from society on protected areas are increasing and diversifyi

Download the issue online

Steve McCloud
Anna Spencelely

Starting Time
10am Las Vegas, 1pm New York City, 7pm Durban, Thursday 4am Sydney

Planeta Wiki

Hang out with us October 22. Koedoe Tourism and Protected Areas Hangout @OpenJournals @anna_spenceley @SueSnyman #WorldParksCongress

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Open Access Week 2014: Generation Open

Open Access Week is a global event now entering its eighth year in 2014 and takes place October 20-26. This is an opportunity for academic and research communities to learn about the benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research.

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) has selected the theme for this year’s International Open Access Week: “Generation Open.” The theme highlights the importance of students and early career researchers as advocates for change. The theme will also explore how changes in scholarly publishing affect scholars and researchers at different stages of their careers.

Twitter hashtag: #oaweek
Organizer: @SPARC_NA

Why this is important: I have paid attention to the Open Access movement for only a few years and sense that it has tremendous potential for unlocking the doors of wisdom of academic institutions and international research centers. Much is made of the high cost of academic journal subscriptions and certainly that bothered me a decade ago when asked to contribute to journals that at best would pay authors in copies. Surely there could be a better way of sharing information about biodiversity conservation, responsible travel and world heritage. There is and it’s name is Open Access.

To the movement’s credit, there is no one size fits all solution. There are various permutations of publication and we’ll be paying attention to the events and webinars that pop up in the coming week.

One question: To what degree will the upcoming World Parks Congress be an example of Open Access? It will be an interesting case study to see which reports come out in the coming month with Creative Commons licenses. Beyond that, I’m hoping the Congress can be an example of open education and open journalism. It’s time for a reimagining of collaboration, and without access that is open, we are left in our own institutional silos with broken systems.

2014 Open Access Week, October 20-26  #oaweek #openaccess @SPARC_NA @openscience @OA_Button (Poster @ronmader)

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Caribbean Parks and Tourism Hangout

On Thursday October 16 we are holding a lively conversation about parks and tourism in the Caribbean. Invited guests are regional experts and we will be taking your questions.

Talking points — Status of parks and tourism in the Caribbean. What are locals doing? What should travelers know? Upcoming events? What are the achievements of the sustainable tourism programme of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)?

The conversation takes place as a Google Hangout. RSVP if you’d like to watch and if you’d like to appear on camera for this or other hangouts, let me know. New to hangouts? Tips on watching, joining an hosting here.

Starting Time
11am Las Vegas, 2pm Miami

Lloyd Gardner
Davina Layne, Caribbean Tourism Organization

Hang out with us October 16. Caribbean Parks and Tourism Hangout

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Communicating Biodiversity: A Wishlist

Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, hosts the 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity October 6-17.

This event is one the most important on the globe for those keen on protecting biodiversity. When reports estimate losses of 40 percent of all land and sea animals since 1970, an action plan needs to be crafted yesterday.

The South Korea conference includes a live webcast and there are currently two hashtags used to highlight the event: #COP12 and #cbdcop12.

Free Poster! 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity #COP12 @CBDNews @biodivcivsoc @CBDLifeWeb @BiodiversityNew

Free Poster! 12th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity #CBDCOP12 @CBDNews @biodivcivsoc @CBDLifeWeb @BiodiversityNew

Personally, I would love event organizers to announce the official hashtag during the planning stage of the event. It would make paying attention so much easier!

For colleagues who want to call attention and gather support for biodiversity conservation, there are allies outside the conference hall, but only if the social web is integrated. A hashtag is just one way of connecting people. We have to rethink communication beyond the megaphones and official press conferences.

On the technical wishlist … I’d love to see a program of what’s being shown on the webcast and when. It would be awesome to use Google Docs for collaborative note taking and the creation of transcripts. What if press conferences were conducted in South Korea as Google Hangouts with livestreaming video immediately archived on YouTube? Is anyone interested in updating the CBD’s Wikipedia entry?

I would be very happy if the organizers and participants uploaded some photos with descriptions to Flickr that include the Creative Commons attribution-share alike license. We – and other websites – would have permission to include these images in conference coverage.

Later in October we celebrate Open Access Week. Think of the progress we could make if some of the biodiversity educational materials were available with open access licenses!

On my personal wishlist … I’m hoping that event includes some forums and workshops about biodiversity’s connection to travel and tourism. It’s on the radar – take a look at the side events – but we can do so much more!

We will also be paying attention to the continuing discussion from Indigenous Peoples. Having facilitated a workshop at the previous COP in India, I am keen on seeing what developments have taken place and what’s on the current agenda.

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This Weekend’s Must-Do and Slow-Do Attractions in Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juárez, México – Today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday, October 3 and 4) my favorite local market in the world hosts its 11th anniversary. Sadly, I will not be present, but my best thoughts are with friends at the market – vendors and shoppers alike who have made the Pochimilco the must-do and slow-do attraction in Oaxaca.

I had the good fortune of visiting the Pochote Market early on its inception in 2003 when it was first located in a quaint and picturesque ‘point of interest’ called the Arquitos. The market filled the courtyard of a one-time alternative cinema. I knew I was lucky to see first-hand the birth of such a market and I was even more fortunate to have the time (ten+ years!) to make friends with the vendors and document the goings on.

There were controversies and dramas major and minor in the first decade. There was considerable change of who was selling and who was buying. If I did anything right during my estancia in Oaxaca it was to befriend the people, and I’m still friends with a lot of people who left the Pochote to sell in other markets or who opened their own stores. There was also a great deal of continuity and visitors to the market this weekend are encouraged to look for familiar faces from a decade ago. (Tip: here are my personal collections of archived photos from Pochote 2003-2009 and Pochimilco (2009-).

This weekend’s festivities include the Guelaguetza cultural performance on Friday and a jamming Blandas y Tlayudas concert Saturday. If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is!

One of the many reasons I’m a fan of the market is for the opportunity to engage with indigenous Mexicans. The market was my classroom for learning Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chinanteco and Ayuuk. Mind you, I’m not fluent by any means but I learned the key phrases, including ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Thank You’ and ‘That’s delicious’ – a phrase that comes up frequently when discussing the available foods — the dulces cristalizados, memelas, tamales, caldos, aguas, nieves — and for the anniversary party, the options are bound to be even more diverse.

I call attention to the indigenous component of the market as this very weekend there’s another big event in town. On Friday and Saturday the Biblioteca Juan de Cordova hosts open panels focusing on Indigenous Language Digital Activism. Hashtag: #activismolenguasMX

In a way I will be present in my absence, so a request to those present on the ground — let us know what is happening by commenting on this blog or by tweeting me @ronmader or by sharing photos in our Oaxaca Today Flickr group. Record the music. Interview the vendors. Ask if you can record indigenous greetings! And please share. If you post videos on YouTube or Vimeo, let me know so I can embed the code on the Oaxaca Wiki.

For others who like me cannot attend in person, support the market by liking, favoriting and sharing the news with anyone who might visit Oaxaca in the near future.

3-4 Octubre: Aniversario Pochote Mercado Orgánico @ Oaxaca @LeoFuen3 @DulcesTioQuique @Jualjire

Blandas y Tlayudas Live at the #Pochimilco Market Saturday October 4 @bytband

Indigenous Language Digital Activism: Panels Open to the Public (Activismo Digital en Lenguas Indígenas: Paneles Abiertos al Público) @risingvoices @BibliotecaJdeC @surcooaxaca

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Big events in October!

We’re excited about the Open Access Week (October 21-27). Why can’t all events be more inclusive, innovative and open? Foodies, take note of World Food Day on October 16 and World Egg Day, October 10.

Nevada fans, the countdown continues toward the October 31 sesquicentennial blowout!

October 2014 Calendar: Solar Mountain Complex, Boulder City @TravelNevada #nv150

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Flashback: Guadalajara Workshop (2006)

My last trip to Guadalajara, Mexico was in 2006 when I led a short course on how to make the most of the social web for the managers of Bosque La Primavera, a ginormous park outside the city. Attending were park managers, tourism professionals and community leaders.

As a personal experience, the trip was first rate. I love Jalisco and getting a first-hand tour of the park was everything I could want. As a workshop, it was pretty much a bust. There was little communication afterward. The Flickr account the organizers created was abandoned. The promised follow-up meetings among participants never occurred.

Back in 2006 most organizations believed they could handle their communication and outreach through email and phone calls and I changed my workshops from teaching everyone – including organizers – at once to a program that includes ample preparation and followup.

Today (September 26, 2014) festivities begin in Guadalajara to celebrate World Tourism Day. It would be interesting to see the connection among communities and tourism in the La Primavera Park circa 2014. Besides private vehicle, how does one visit the park?

Bosque La Primavera


Taller Internet, Guadalajara



Pointing Man


View of the City

Taller Internet (Guadalajara Workshop)

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